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screenshot TimoTim Farrar has been in the video game business for far too long.  He has worked at Reality Bytes, Looking Glass Studios, and Mad Doc Software.  He toiled for around 8 years in the PC game industry, until both he and the industry had had enough of each other.  Now he hopes to bring some old-school goodness to the mobile platform, or at least to not embarass himself.  These days he spends his time contemplating his navel, yelling at Mike, and watching his hairline slowly recede.  He also does some coding every now and then, but only when he can't think of anything to yell at Mike about.

screenshot SolusMichael Ryan is insane.  He's had video games in his head since 1984 when he plugged in his brand new Commodore 64.  About a decade later he found himself smack-dab in the middle of the game industry, and since then, he's been a video game designer for Looking Glass Studios, Irrational Games, and Mad Doc Software.  Like Tim, he's extremely excited about recreating the classic video game experience on mobile platforms.  When Tim's not yelling at him and issuing new art tasks, he greatly enjoys reformatting Tim's code.  When Tim's not looking, of course.

R-915 the Killer Droid wants to destroy the planet.  We are trying very hard to stop him, but we make no promises.

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