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The Eye of Rana™ User Guide is available for download and contains lots of great information including the attributes for all the monsters and items you'll encounter in the game.  The document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.


An HTML version of the User Guide is also available!

For those of you who want the important questions answered, we've compiled a short FAQ and present it to you here.

Q: Can I have more than one game at a time?
A: No.  you are only able to have one saved game at a time, so if you start a new game, your old game will be lost.
Q: How do I know what an unidentified item does?
A: There are two ways to find out.  The first, and more risky, way, is to just use the item.  After you use an unidentified item, you will automatically identify it, and any other similar items in the game.  For example, if you drink a yellow potion, and discover that it is a Potion of Poison, you will automatically see all yellow potions as Potions of Poison for the rest of the current game.  The second way is to use an Identify scroll on the item.  If you identify a cursed or bad item, you will not have to experience its bad effects (unless you foolishly use the item anyway).
Q: Last time I played, Red potions were good, but now they are cursed!  Why?
A: The effects of potions, scrolls, and rings are different every time you play.  So just because, say, a Red potion is a Potion of Elven Grace in one game, doesn't mean it won't be a Potion of Clumsiness in the next!
Q: Why can't I un-equip a weapon, armor or ring?
A: If you have equipped a cursed weapon, armor or ring (knowingly or not), you cannot remove it until you find a scroll of Remove Curse, and read it.  You must be very careful about equipping a weapon or armor that is not identified, because it may be cursed.  A cursed item is one that has a negative power, such as a Dagger -1, or a ring with detrimental effects, such as a Ring of Weakness.
Q: How do I win Eye of Rana™?
A: To win the game, you need to find the fabled Eye of Rana™, a magical jewel whose origin is obscured by the mists of time.  The Eye only reveals itself to extremely powerful heroes, so it will not appear in the dungeon until your player character reaches character level 20 (not necessarily dungeon level 20).  Once you pick up the Eye, the game is over.
Q: Where can I get more information about Eye of Rana™?
A: Check out the forums on the Fat Frog Studios website for additional helpful hints.
Q: Who should I contact if I experience a bug or problem while playing Eye of Rana™?
A: While developing Eye of Rana™, we worked really hard to make it as bug-free as possible, but sometimes ... bugs sneak through.

If you encounter a problem while playing the game, please let us know by sending an email to Fat Frog Support.


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